The most extravagant gift packaging is flashy

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Extravagant gift packaging is "flashy"

with the increasing improvement of people's living standards, especially in traditional festivals, relatives and friends carry exquisite gifts to visit relatives and friends, which is pleasant. But some extravagant gift packages make people feel flashy

in a tobacco, alcohol and tea store on Jiefang Road in the urban area, I saw a high-end tea gift package packaged in a yellow gift box. When I opened the Yellow gift box, I saw a high-end wooden box inside. In the wooden box, two blue ceramic bottled tea were neatly placed. The periphery of the porcelain bottle was wrapped with yellow silk cloth, and the bottom was plastic foam

on the price tag of this box of exquisite tea, we can see that the tea is 200g, and the package weight is nearly 2000g. The whole package is about five layers, and this exquisite package also has an expensive price of 680 yuan a box

Mr. Zhang deeply recalled that in the past, gifts in the market did not pay much attention to packaging, but to practicality. But now, the packaging of gifts is full of tricks, and even intensified in packaging

he said: once, when I went on a business trip to other places, I specially chose a set of maintenance products for my wife. The outer package is very exquisite, and there are four layers inside and outside. However, the product itself has only two vials, a total of only 60 ml, which is really at a loss. In fact, what people want is reality, not spending money on a pile of packaging garbage

Ms. Zhang, a citizen, said: every year, when the festival comes, all kinds of tea, tobacco and alcohol begin to be on the market, and various types of gift boxes also begin to compete for the attention of consumers. Because of the exquisite packaging, the price also rises. But these packaging materials can neither be eaten nor used, so we can only watch them become waste products

in the interview, many citizens said that it is beyond reproach that gifts given by relatives and friends are decent, but we should promote economical and environmentally friendly packaging products. Instead of just emphasizing the appearance of high-end luxury, we should pay attention to the integrity of the outside and the inside. Excessive packaging will inevitably lead to weaker domestic demand and fraud against consumers, which will eventually lead to the loss of consumers' trust in products and the loss of markets for products

it is understood that many gifts with paper, bamboo, wood, mud and plants inserted in the wrong interface may damage the equipment: natural materials such as stems and leaves of objects are used as packaging gifts in the current gift market

such as various boxes made of Nanmu and camphor wood to store pens, ink, books, paintings, inkstones and other items; The tea is packaged in a small tube made of bamboo shoot skin, bamboo tube and purple sand; Bamboo baskets made of plant leaves and epidermis (Palm bark) are used to package home textiles, tableware, etc

not only environmental protection and health, but also reflects the beauty of nature derived from nature and the harmony between man and nature, so that more consumers will feel the new trend of natural simplicity, health and environmental protection in gift packaging

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