The most eye-catching holographic carton

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The eye-catching holographic carton

holographic technology can produce a three-dimensional, shimmering, textured metal effect that brings consumers an interactive experience. Today, it has become a very popular way to use holographic technology to obtain the packaging appearance that attracts consumers' attention

few packaging experts will deny that for many products, the benefits of carton packaging cannot be ignored. In fact, cartons can provide huge advertising opportunities. Exaggerated and dynamic graphics can be printed on the carton, and the flexible structure of the carton allows the addition of embossing, bronzing, holograms and other processes to enhance the visual effect

ensuring the continuous growth of profits is the key to the long-term healthy development of the carton industry. In the competitive environment where factories are generally experimenting at a speed of 5 mm/min to promote a new generation of carton packaging that is durable and easy to adopt surface decoration technology, whether retail packaging can successfully attract consumers depends on the effective use of colors and other attractive elements by packaging designers, as well as on whether processors can turn such imagination into reality

graphics play an important role in packaging for many reasons, such as the psychological and perceptual reactions of consumers when observing packaging graphics. The color and shape of the package, the lighting conditions in the field of vision and the surrounding objects when consumers observe the package will affect consumers' understanding and evaluation of the package they see

adding special effects to the packaging is one of the best ways for a new brand to stand out from many products on the retail shelf. The special effect on the product package can attract consumers to watch the product longer. It is a very popular way to use holographic technology to obtain the packaging appearance that attracts consumers' attention, because holographic technology can produce three-dimensional, shimmering and textured metal effects that bring consumers an interactive experience. Different from any other decoration method, what are the measurement principles and performance characteristics of the hologram diffraction electrode tensile testing machine? The essence, as well as the ability to concretely express various designs on the packaging surface, is easy to attract the attention of consumers. Few people can resist a product containing holographic design elements or anti-counterfeiting features. ABS and hips resins are limited by material structure, which in itself once again strengthens consumers' desire to "have it" and helps to transfer products from shelves to consumers' shopping carts

the dazzling hologram can arouse some primitive emotional elements in the human soul and has preservation value. Holograms can not only help the release of a new product, but also promote the renewal of a mature product. Moreover, polyglutamic acid is also widely used in fine chemicals, medicine, water treatment and other fields to achieve good sales. It is also very useful in emphasizing preferential information, product composition changes, competitive characteristics and other promotional incentives

there are several holograms on the market at present. For example, reflection holograms are viewed when light shines from the front, while transmission holograms are viewed when light shines through it from the back. There is also a concave convex hologram, which is a typical hologram used in packaging. This kind of hologram is made of transmission hologram lined with specular reflection material, which makes the hologram easy to observe when light shines on the surface of packaging or other materials

the production of holograms can be carried out in the form of making patterns on metal foil. What constitutes such holograms is a two-dimensional image in which all information is contained in a single plane. By virtue of two-dimensional or three-dimensional images, even the artwork or photographic theme of the plane can show the appearance of three-dimensional characteristics - the plane looks like flowing at different depths in the image. Consumers can also choose real 3D images or effects. Imagine seeing an object that seems to rotate or flow in space according to the changing perspective

as a founding member of the International Association of holographic manufacturers, international light impressions can now provide a variety of holographic solutions to protect or enhance the appearance of more than 1 billion packages. Light impressions fully communicates and works closely with customers to reach an agreement on holographic solutions suitable for customer applications and in line with customer budgets

light impressions can also provide real 3D images, that is, the so-called typical holograms. This method of producing holograms requires skilled holographic technologists to use special equipment to produce a special image based on models or other topics. This method can not only produce the most realistic Vertigo effect of all holographic methods, but also provide the highest level of anti-counterfeiting security, because the hologram itself cannot be imitated and copied. Forgers need to have original special images, expensive equipment and exquisite skills

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