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Rittal: a trailblazer on the road of innovation editor's note: the times are moving forward, Rittal is making progress. After more than 50 years of development, Rittal has become the world's leading provider of system solutions. This time, Vito appeared in Xi'an, the industrial fortress in the west, with its latest achievements, and led the development of manufacturing industry with its professional products and services. On March 14, the 16th Xi'an Equipment Manufacturing Expo was grandly held. This is an important platform to promote the development of western manufacturing to high-end manufacturing. Vito appeared at the Expo with its latest achievements, attracted many tourists with its innovative products and professional services, became a star booth in the museum, and won the wide attention of industry experts

after a year, the 2012 new generation of energy-saving air conditioner blue e brought by Rittal has become one of the most popular products. It is another breakthrough product in the field of industrial refrigeration. It continues the advantages of the previous generation of Rittal RTT series air conditioners, and has made great improvements in fans and controls. It adopts nano ceramic coating and condensate evaporator, with an energy-saving rate of 45%, which can save 70% compared with domestic cabinet air conditioners. It has attracted many experts in the industry to visit and give high praise

in addition to the latest products in the field of temperature control, Rittal also exhibited one-stop system solutions including cabinet systems, distribution system solutions, it solutions and so on, presenting the concept of Rittal the system completely in front of you. 2. In terms of performance, the low-voltage distribution system solution ri4power has also attracted a lot of attention. It is a fixed and separated low-voltage distribution cabinet system. Its modular design and the best form of universal products make it easier to install and maintain, leaving a deep impression on the visitors of 209 door closers

the holding of Xi'an Manufacturing Expo has promoted regional cooperation, industrial exchanges, the promotion of new technologies and products, and promoted the healthy and rapid development of western manufacturing industry. Vito's amazing debut at the Manufacturing Expo aims to provide professional system products and services for the manufacturing industry with the spirit of unremitting innovation, and help promote the development of the West. Products of Rittal at the Manufacturing Expo:

energy saving air conditioner blue e:

Blue e adopts nano ceramic coating and condensate evaporator, and the energy-saving rate can reach up to 70%

energy-saving cooling device in the range of 500W to 4000W

the energy consumption is reduced by 45% under the same refrigeration power, Up to 70%

multiple voltage support

electronic condensate evaporator and rinano nano coating

multiple installation methods

ri4power system solution

ri4power adheres to the top cabinet technology of ts8, and is a fixed separated low-voltage distribution cabinet

the fixed separated structure based on the top cabinet series TS 8

the mechanism is simple, Modular design

universal products in the best form

simple and fast installation and maintenance

innovative concept that can bring many new advantages in installation and application

riline60 bus system

based on existing 1-pole and 3-pole bus systems and structural components, The possibility of realizing two solutions of one system

the conventional AC application is extended to DC application

the connection and anti-contact protection characteristics of riline60 bus system still remain

the measurable DC voltage is as high as 1500 V

the short-circuit strength is as high as 40 Ka

including the design certification in accordance with iec61

a wide range of applications: intermediate circuit of driving technology, photovoltaic solar energy, electroplating It field, etc.

ts-it cabinet system

the new TS IT system, another one in Vitol, Arkansas, successfully meets the requirements of modular and flexible network and service rack

intelligent module, simple and efficient

free tools can install accessories

equipped with 180 degree hinges, maximum possible accessibility

effective ventilation area plastic combustion instrument device ul94:2002 up to 85%

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