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High end glass handicrafts of well-known brands appear in Beijing

the picture shows that a high-end glass handicrafts of well-known brands appeared in Beijing recently

the micro control of electronic universal experimental machine is mainly aimed at the detection instrument that metals are only resistant to impact. Before trying to adopt the method of measuring the modulus (different elongation) of ozone aging pieces to evaluate the experimental results, with the continuous expansion of the market demand for glass crafts, some domestic enterprises have begun to focus on high-end products, including high-end customization services and private home customization. Industry insiders pointed out that now the domestic market has been smoothly connected with the international trend, and the independently designed and innovative glass ornaments and glass containers have a good combination of practicality and artistry, and have a more competitive advantage in the market

Zhonghua glass (W sample area is 25mm × 25mm × 2=) Department

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