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Boomerang is a plastic recycler headquartered in Tamworth, UK. Recently, affected by the price of raw materials, the rise of energy costs and the government's doubts about the recycling policy, the company closed down on its own. The company was founded by Mike Jordan four years ago when he opened the electromechanical and began the tensile experiment. Boomerang was originally a medium for recycling production waste

Jordan invested nearly 2million euros to build a factory. There is a lot of market space

plastic recycling enterprise

Jordan said that its initial transaction was exciting, and a fire in the factory in 2014 forced it to relocate to other places nearby. As a result, electricity costs soared

these events, coupled with the decline in the price of materials, have put enterprises under increasing pressure

in the UK, attitudes towards recycling plastics are of no benefit at all. Jordan said that the British government has no overall thinking

the government needs to take plastic recycling seriously, which means that the existing PRN system needs to be reformed to complete the post-processing of data

government departments should pay attention to their own procurement policies and encourage plastic recyclers by purchasing products containing recycled materials

Jordan went on to say that some companies that recycle plastics convert the materials they produce into new products, which is not our business model

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