The most famous hoisting expert in Sichuan used to

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The famous hoisting expert in Sichuan used to have such a "unique skill"

the famous hoisting expert in Sichuan used to have such a "unique skill"

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it was Monday that he met Zhang Ji, general manager of Ziyang Yuheng hoisting company. Although it is a weekday, walking on the road of Ziyang new area and at the gate of Wanda Square along the street, there is still a constant flow of people. The breath of life belonging to Ziyang, a city near Chengdu, comes to my face. But Zhang Ji obviously cannot devote himself to this "slow pace" life. In just a dozen minutes, Zhang Ji's voice rang out 4 or 5 times in a row, "do you want to use a crane or a crane? I'm really busy." Zhang Ji said

Zhang Ji, general manager of Ziyang Yuheng hoisting company

the Yuheng hoisting company operated by Zhang Ji is the largest hoisting company in Ziyang and surrounding areas. Since 2017, Zhang Ji's dozen cranes have almost no free time, and even have to be busy connecting shafts from time to time

One reason is that the crane equipment owned by Yuheng hoisting company operated by Zhang Ji is booming in the hoisting market. Ziyang's geographical location is excellent - adjacent to Neijiang in the south, Chengdu and Deyang in the north, Chongqing and Suining in the East and Meishan in the West. It is the only regional central city in Sichuan province that connects Chengdu and Chongqing at the same time. At the same time, the rich mineral resources, the high output of building stones and the rapid development of the automobile industry have made the infrastructure construction in Ziyang and its surrounding areas, especially the transportation construction, long-term and sustainable. "In recent years, cranes have become too popular in Ziyang." Zhang Ji said. Before the Chinese New Year in 2018, Zhang Ji ordered two new XCMG cars, one of which is the long-awaited xca220 all terrain crane. "This year's business is sure to grow by at least 10%, and maybe more. The same is true in the next few years. It's absolutely impossible not to increase equipment." On April 23, on the square in front of Jinjiang Shuheng Hotel, the largest local hotel in Ziyang, the red banner of "Yuheng hoisting company" on the boom of a brand-new 80 ton crane of XCMG stretched with the wind and stood out

Zhang Ji and XCMG crane

another calculation method, "good" equipment makes more money

the number of hoisting users in Ziyang area is increasing, but Zhang Ji's business is not affected, "on the contrary, our shift fee has been maintained at a very high level, higher than others." Zhang Ji lowered his head and said while calculating and comparing

injection molding, warm compaction molding, spray molding and other advanced powder metallurgy technologies throughout China's hoisting industry, such examples are only a few - "while maintaining high platform costs, the engineering volume can maintain leadership and growth", and Zhang Ji has his own "way" to achieve this

in the field of hoisting construction, many users have such a mentality: while the crane is still a "new car", we should catch up with more businesses and projects, so as to get back to our business as soon as possible. "Such an algorithm looks reasonable on the surface. In fact, it does not make full use of the value of the car, and it also loses more benefits in the long run." Zhang Ji said

"Look at a crane. When the market is particularly good, regular maintenance on time seems to delay time, and there is an extra cost. But in the long run, if my car is well maintained and maintained better, it can be used for another year or even several years, so won't it earn more money? This income, compared with the cost of regular maintenance, is much higher. This is the same as the value investment For a reason, long-term holding must be a sure bet. " Zhang Ji pulled his finger and calculated the account carefully

Zhang Ji and XCMG crane

"another point is very important. After the crane returns to its original cost in a few years, the rest of the time is basically in the stage of pure profit. I spend more years, that is, I directly earn money that is not depreciated for several years. This is a good way to maximize the value of the crane." Zhang Ji added. And it has 10 points of good interchangeability

detail witness strength

among the dozen cranes Zhang Ji currently owns, there are not only "old cars" that have been used for a long time, but also "new cars" that he bought in a few years. Although the use time is different, the two types of cranes have one thing in common - the appearance of the car looks as neat and capable

keeping the crane in an "optimal state" all the time from the outside to the inside is a professional habit that Zhang Ji, who has been working for 18 years, has long developed. This habit also made Zhang Ji obtain the unanimous recognition of the construction party

18 years ago, Zhang Ji was still in the company of excavators called "excavators" in Ziyang area; As an earth moving equipment, the excavator was in a "muddy" state, which also touched Zhang Ji. After joining the field of hoisting construction, no matter what the working conditions, Zhang Ji's requirements for the driver and car are - the appearance must be clean and tidy, "let alone anything else, it's an ordinary twist. First, it's not good-looking, and second, it makes people feel sloppy, which directly reduces our impression. Cooperating with the construction party, we should consider every link carefully and be good in the right direction, so as to make others satisfied and relieved." Zhang Ji, who has been struggling for a long time, concluded

XCMG crane

in addition to the visible appearance, Zhang Ji pays more attention to the "inner lining" - the condition and performance of the whole vehicle. An important means to keep the crane in a "state" at all times is to maintain it on time. "Maintenance is like a person dressing and doing things. People should feel secure at once. Only in this way can others love to deal with you." Zhang Ji metaphorically said. It is out of this simple idea that Zhang Jihui often spends more money to add some additional maintenance to the equipment in addition to the routine maintenance provided by the manufacturer. "In the view of large enterprises, maintenance habits reflect a person's values and credibility, and directly indicate our attitude towards construction, engineering, quality and safety, which directly makes the construction party trust us more and promotes our long-term cooperation." Zhang Ji stressed

XCMG crane

the fact is indeed as Zhang Ji said. In Ziyang area, whether it is traffic construction projects or in plant projects, Yuheng hoisting is always the preferred partner of those large construction units, such as China Railway Construction Corporation and Sinohydro Bureau 10 Co., Ltd. "The car is good and in good condition. We pay attention to any small details. Even the car that has been used for 10 years has no performance to say because it is well maintained. Coupled with a serious working attitude and strict management, there is nothing to worry about the construction quality of Yuheng hoisting. Even if the shift fee is high, we are willing to give it to them, because we are at ease." In the long-term cooperative enterprises, Zhang Jishu has established such a "reputation"

as the brand of "Yuheng hoisting" becomes more and more famous, Zhang Ji's business is also growing steadily and continuously. However, no matter how busy his work is, Zhang Ji will also "steal time" to personally act as a crane driver and have an addiction to "driving equipment". "I am almost twice as many as 70000 football fields in the country by 2020 proposed by the national development and Reform Commission. I like all kinds of large equipment, especially cranes. Looking at the hooks up and down, a bridge and a factory building stand up, I still have a sense of achievement in my heart." Zhang Ji said

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