The most familiar and unfamiliar GPS is the danger

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Familiar and unfamiliar GPS is a "dangerous" technology in automatic driving

when talking about automatic driving, we are not talking about an independent individual, but a complete set of technology matrix. In addition to radar sensors and algorithms, there is another technology we are very familiar with - GPS in the accessories and east-west array of the technical moment expanding the application function of the experimental machine. Its existence ensures that the autonomous vehicle drives on the road it should drive, rather than bumping around like a headless fly

we are simply familiar with GPS. Almost from the beginning, this function has been with us. But to some extent, we are very unfamiliar with this technology. We know nothing about its principle except that GPS is used for real-time positioning

The full name of GPS is global positioning system, a technology that exists in everyone. In fact, it comes from the U.S. military. In the 1950s and 1960s, based on the positioning needs of the sea, land and air force, the U.S. Department of defense developed a positioning system based on artificial satellite networks. At the end of the cold war, 24 satellites were launched, and GPS began to be officially put into use. By the end of the cold war, GPS began to be put into the civil market, almost forming a monopoly trend in the world

in terms of technical principle, the income of ground workers is about 1500 yuan, and GPS uses triangle positioning method. Because the position of the satellite in orbit is fixed, the GPS receiver is located on the ground and sends a signal to the satellite in the air. The distance is calculated through the time when the signal reaches and returns. Taking the distance as the diameter and the satellite position as the center of the circle, the intersection of the curve formed and the earth is the position of the GPS receiver

GPS, which you don't know, is more dangerous than you think.

seeing here, many people feel surprised. It turns out that this system that follows me every day and knows all my secrets comes from the U.S. military

in fact, e. data transmission mode: RS232 transmission for GPS, or positioning information, we should have been more vigilant

first of all, it is because a large number of terminals collect and upload our location information under unnecessary circumstances. To understand this, just look at how many products unrelated to geographical location sent location authorization requests to users when installing the app. Once authorized, it is difficult to ensure that these products will not abuse their power. For example, last year, Uber had a scandal, that is, after users found that they ended their services, Uber would continue to track their location for five minutes

uber even generously admitted this, claiming that it was to optimize space details to provide better services (it has to be said that Uber's Rogue attitude is worthy of being the most disgusting technology enterprise in American Corporate Culture)

the trajectory around the Pentagon

is not only an app, but also some intelligent hardware is collecting our location information many times. If you don't read the instructions carefully, you won't find it at all. The most typical is the "military leak of smart bracelets" incident at the end of last year. A GPS tracking enterprise serving smart sports bracelets such as Fitbit and Jawbone released a global heat tracking map to show the running route of users wearing bracelets. Unexpectedly, the U.S. military distributed many soldiers with sports bracelets, which honestly recorded the soldiers' movement and even patrol tracks, and honestly displayed them to the world through heat tracking maps

in addition to collecting information, GPS information can also be easily forged. Remember pokemongo, the big fire two years ago? This game is built on the LBS System. If users want to capture elves, they need to look for them in various positions of the reality map. This is also the original intention of the game designer - to let people who are at home every day go out of their homes

as a result, the ultimate dead house designed a way to fake GPS signals: calculate the GPS satellite signal value received at a certain time and place through tools, and then send it out with a software radio signal transmitter, so that you can capture elves from heaven and earth at home. The whole cost is only a few hundred dollars. If you are willing to spend money to buy more powerful signal transmission equipment, you can achieve more powerful effects

the runaway future of autonomous driving

seeing here, many people may think that what does this have to do with us

indeed, in many cases, we really need to give up some personal privacy to get more services. We should also believe that those enterprises that provide services for us will not easily use our location information in bad places

but it's hard to guarantee that no third party will join in and invade your privacy in a colorful posture. For example, a real-time location-based search service can be found on the Internet. The service provider can generate a link to an article or an enterprise red envelope, and add location request information into it. If you click the red envelope and the link to agree to the location request, the service provider will send the information to the customers who buy the service. The person who gets the information in the whole process is completely unaware

we can imagine who will buy this service

couples who distrust each other, parents who want to control their children, stalkers... The more you think, the more terrifying it becomes

this is only the impact on individuals within the existing application scope of GPS technology. When autonomous vehicle equipped with GPS are running all over the country in the future, what consequences will occur in extreme cases? If you stop the service for half an hour, you may stop the unmanned bus service in a country; A false signal may cause fatal traffic disasters in countless places

the emergence of autonomous driving has turned the potential danger of GPS for special groups (political and military) into a ubiquitous danger for everyone

great power: why does everyone want their own GPS

the only way to solve this danger is to establish its own satellite navigation and positioning system, even if this project costs a lot of money and manpower, even if using American GPS has almost no cost

so China launched the Beidou system, Russia launched GLONASS, and the European Union launched Galileo. At present, our Beidou satellite navigation system has launched 29 satellites and is expected to provide services to users around the world in 2020. The whole development progress has been ahead of GLONASS and Galileo, who started earlier

although many navigation and positioning systems can be compatible with GPS and Beidou, frankly speaking, in the civil market, maybe we will use GPS for a long time. However, the emergence of Beidou can ensure that our traffic will not be in chaos due to the problem of satellite navigation and positioning in the event of war, and vehicles and ships will still drive in the right direction

it can even be said that the gradual maturity of Beidou system is one of the major prerequisites for the popularization of automatic driving in China. We should be glad that the development speed of China's satellite navigation and positioning technology can be synchronized with that of the world's autonomous driving technology. Otherwise, we will hand over our own traffic lifeline to others. In the 1999 India Pakistan war, the United States directly shut down all GPS services in India and Pakistan, resulting in huge losses to India. Since then, India has begun to manufacture its own regional navigation system

this is also a threat that every big country may experience. The development of science and technology must be related to "devices". If devices are controlled by others, the result must be their own hands tied in the development of science and technology. The technology of autopilot seems to consider sensors and machine learning, but it will also be hampered by the mature technology of satellite navigation

as for the previous problems, such as whether the Beidou system will be authorized by the background software to read personal letters, the geotextile testing machine can complete the stretching of Geotextiles and strips (220mm, 120mm), the bursting, puncturing, CBR bursting, tearing, holding, geogrid stretching and other experimental information, and whether it can tamper with signals on individual terminals. At present, these GPs problems can hardly be avoided in other satellite navigation and positioning systems. At present, the best solution is to always pay attention to the background authorization, carefully read the instructions of each intelligent product, and be vigilant

the state protects us and we protect ourselves

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