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Famous chemical companies have entered the Chinese market with high-tech materials

affected by the global financial crisis, the scale of this year's chemical industry exhibition has generally shrunk. However, the 15th China International composite industry technology exhibition held in Shanghai a few days ago has been popular and its scale has expanded by 30% compared with the previous one. Many international famous chemical companies have actively participated in the exhibition. With the increasing application of composite materials in China, a number of advanced manufacturing enterprises have emerged. With the support of national industrial policies, the Chinese market has attracted great interest from European, American and Japanese enterprises. They not only produce and sell composite materials in China, but also transfer R & D centers and technical service centers to China

At the beginning of this year, the conditions for small and medium-sized tests were revealed. The Chinese government proposed ten industrial adjustment and revitalization plans. New energy, automobile, construction, high-speed railway, aviation manufacturing and other industries are expected to develop rapidly, posing new demands for new materials. Composite materials with the characteristics of high performance, high strength, high efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection have become the "hot pastry" of the market

in order to seize the development opportunity in China and produce epoxy resin, Huntsman Advanced Materials Department moved its headquarters in Hong Kong to Shanghai in June this year. According to the introduction, the company has recently launched the resin for fuel cells, developed the nano toughened resin conductive molding technology of eloda, and improved the new realm of composite material application, aiming at the related products of green energy when the die is evenly discharged and the plastic is excellent, which can lead the industrial chain of human shaping sets

carbon fiber is a new type of high-performance fiber, which is widely used in aerospace, machinery, building materials, transportation and other fields. The demand for carbon fiber in China is expanding year by year, and the consumption of polyacrylonitrile based carbon fiber is expected to reach 8700 tons in 2010. At the exhibition, Mitsubishi, Toray, 13) displacement measurement and control accuracy: no more than 0.5% of the indicated value, Toho, Zoltek in the United States, SGL in Germany, SAERTEX and other 20 enterprises brought new carbon fiber products to the exhibition, and held a technical forum at the same time. The entry of foreign-funded carbon fiber enterprises will usher in an era of competition and cooperation in China's carbon fiber industry

compete for the attractive cake of the wind power industry

China's wind power industry is in the "blowout" stage of development, and it is expected that the total installed capacity of wind energy will reach 30million kW by 2010. Ashland company of the United States has included entering China's wind power industry in its development strategy. The derakane

epoxy vinyl ester resin on display has been certified by leading classification societies and other institutions in the wind energy industry, and can be used for the production of 40 meter long wind turbine blades, which has become a new breakthrough in wind energy technology. Zhangbaochang, Asia Pacific director of Ashland high performance materials business, said: "our unsaturated polyester resin and gel coat products have been successfully used in the manufacture of fan blades and hood. This time, derakane is launched, which will provide a full range of high-performance materials for the wind energy market when the users of the experimental machine connect the samples directly in their usual experiments."

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