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Recently, Shanghai urban construction materials Co., Ltd. poured the large base plate of Shanghai international financial center. This project is a key project in Shanghai. The theoretical design of the large base plate requires 23000 cubic meters of concrete. It is planned to be poured in 50 hours. The concrete label is c40p10

at the construction site of the project, five 56 meter Xingma pump trucks showed their magic power. In the continuous work of more than 50 hours with full displacement, they showed their due discharge level: uniform and rapid, low fuel consumption, small pump body runout, which greatly reduced the labor intensity of the workers of the construction party, and won the unanimous praise of the workers of the construction party, the project team and the pump truck operators

it is understood that Valin Xingma has been producing pump cars since the 1990s, and now it is the sixth generation product. Every technological innovation and product upgrading are the crystallization of Valin Xingma people's painstaking efforts on pump cars. At present, Xingma pump truck can choose imported chassis or Valin chassis equipped with Hanma power. The top parts are selected from top suppliers in the world. It is the pump truck with the highest cost performance, the most economical fuel, the most stable system and the highest safety in China. At present, this series of pump trucks has been unanimously recognized by the majority of customers, forming an excellent supply cycle

the author understands that Haicheng construction materials Co., Ltd., which produces plastic deformation in Shanghai, is a loyal customer of Valin Xingma. It has been 12 years since it began to buy Valin Xingma mixer truck in 2002, and it is not allowed to use it only. Now it has more than 300 Xingma mixer trucks and 10 Xingma pump trucks

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