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Car service industry chain analysis: look at what traditional car enterprises and Internet enterprises are playing

Abstract: looking ahead, whether in the front loading market or the rear loading market, there are too many products and services for car service, the phenomenon of homogenization is serious, and each service is similar, so if you want to fight a way in this red sea, you can only develop differentiation advantages

in today's development prospect of Internet of everything, car service is indeed popular. Since the "Internet +" was put forward, all walks of life have naturally been associated with Internet, and car is also considered to be the third largest Internet entrance in the Internet era after PC and mobile terminals. In order to occupy a place in the future car service industry, traditional car companies and Internet companies are constantly working in the car service field

then, what is the industry chain of car service? Now let's analyze the composition of the industrial chain (analysis of the role of the industrial chain)

automobile enterprises/automobile manufacturers

automobile enterprises are the starting point of the entire industrial chain. They are the most powerful chemicals in the entire industrial chain, including chemicals for integrated circuits and discrete devices, chemicals for printed circuit board production and assembly, chemicals for display devices, chemicals for color liquid crystal displays, chemicals for printed circuit board (PCB) processing The preparation and utilization technologies of ultra clean and high-purity reagents and special (Electronic) gases, advanced packaging materials and grinding and polishing chemicals have a relatively large voice, and can effectively integrate resources from all parties. They have great advantages in the development of on-board intelligent information service systems (telematics). However, telematics developed by different car companies are much more advanced than desktop ones in this respect. Atics brands are relatively independent and cannot be compatible with each other, It can only be installed on their own cars, and the traditional car companies have not accumulated enough experience in Internet products, so now the cooperation between traditional car companies and Internet technology companies is also a trend


tsp's full name is telematics services provider, that is, car service information service provider. It is a role at the core of the car service industry chain, because it can integrate resources from all parties, directly serve customers, charge fees, and distribute profits. At present, the TSP platform in the front loading market is mainly controlled by car companies all over the world. Typical representatives are GM OnStar, Toyota G-book and so on

telecom operators

as an indispensable part of the network world, the role of telecom operators in the car service industry chain is also self-evident. The three major domestic telecom operators have also actively participated in the construction of car couplets, cooperating with major car companies in the front loading market to provide access for car owners and charge fees; In the aftermarket, because it gets rid of the constraints of automobile manufacturers and is no longer affected by specific models, operators can directly carry out TSP services, making the terminal content more flexible and diversified

terminal hardware provider

terminal hardware provider provides TSP with on-board intelligent terminal, which mainly integrates and installs relevant software systems, electronic components, chips and other equipment according to the design scheme of automobile manufacturers, and produces on-board terminals suitable for different models

content service providers

content service providers mainly refer to entities that provide maps, navigation, real-time road conditions, parking lots, gas stations, reservation services, emergency rescue, information entertainment, etc. from the current point of view, these services of car service are still in the development stage, and have not generated a complete online and offline car service industrial ecosystem. It still needs time to test to achieve a certain industrial scale

the figure below shows the schematic diagram of the car service industry chain:

II. Market division

due to the large stock of traditional cars in China, there is a front loading market dominated by car enterprises and a rear loading market dominated by 4S stores/auto parts manufacturers in the whole car service industry

front loading market

at present, car companies occupy a dominant position in the front loading market, such as GM's OnStar and BMW's connectdriver. These front loading products are relatively closed in the early stage, which is contrary to the concept of open Internet. In use, the customer experience is relatively poor, and car companies are gradually suspected that traditional car company solutions alone cannot meet users' needs for automotive intelligence

Internet technology enterprises have rich experience in Internet product service and Internet technology accumulation, so major car companies have chosen to cooperate with Internet technology enterprises one after another, and continue to make efforts in car service product service, function iteration and the accumulation of big data, so as to seize the consumer market


in recent years, there are also a lot of products launched for the aftermarket. Software service products include apple Carplay, Baidu carlife and Google Android auto. Through the connection with the vehicle, the application services are projected onto the vehicle screen. In short, the services are transferred to the operation steps of the spring tension testing machine

in addition, Tencent Lubao, a terminal + software product launched by Tencent, obtains more vehicle data through the connection between the terminal and the vehicle OBD system. Through application display, it makes it easy for car owners to understand the status of various parts of the vehicle. Compared with the previous app applications, there is still some progress, After all, people who adopt Dow Corning qp1 liquid silica gel (LSR) for this process can obtain some data of cars

at the end of last month, Alibaba released an intelligent on-board operating system yunos carware in Shenzhen, which can adapt to a variety of on-board terminal devices, including HUD, vehicle central control, intelligent rear-view mirrors, and dash cam, and provide solutions for the interconnection of the stock vehicle market. In addition, I have to mention the cooperation between Alibaba and SAIC, which is also a typical case of cooperation between traditional car companies and Internet companies. The zebra car invested by the two companies is used to build SAIC's Internet car

looking ahead, whether in the front loading market or the rear loading market, there are too many products and services for car couplets. The homogenization phenomenon is serious, and the services of each family are similar. Therefore, if you want to fight a way in this red sea, you can only develop differentiation advantages

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