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Shanghai rubber futures market is expected to continue to rise at the beginning of the new year, and the price volatility of rubber futures market has increased significantly. Although the spot price is still strong, the stock on the exchange has increased significantly. People in the industry who have excellent processing performance of IQI xp6026 and IQI xp6056 remind that although there is no obvious foam in the current rubber market price, and it is expected to rise further in the first half of this year, all parties must pay close attention to the substantial growth of rubber inventory

on Monday, the price of Tianjiao futures on Shanghai Futures Exchange fell by a certain margin. The main may contract closed at 24740 yuan/ton, down 550 yuan, or 2.17%

although the price of rubber futures has fallen, it is still strong in the spot market. It is understood that due to the bad weather conditions in the main rubber producing areas in Southeast Asia, the production of rubber has been greatly reduced. The production of natural rubber in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and other countries has decreased to varying degrees, the market supply is tight, and the spot price of rubber in Asia has exceeded the $3000 per ton mark. RSS3 of Thai No.3 cigarette glue shipped on January 15, February and March was quoted at US $per ton

analyst Wang Weibo believes that compared with the rubber price in May 2006, enterprises and research institutes that require to cooperate with our team to develop new polyurethane materials have poured in on January this year. The futures return to 300 yen, and the exchange rate of the US dollar to the Japanese yen (90.63, -0.1100, -0.12%) is 1:90.8. Therefore, the quotation of the US dollar glue should be 3300 dollars, while the quotation of the current No. 20 standard glue is around 3100 dollars, and the cost of the composite glue is 25000 yuan, The futures price on that day was around 25000 yuan, and the contract in recent months was even lower than this price. Therefore, horizontal comparison, the current trend of Shanghai Jiao is very rational, and there is no obvious foam

in addition, Abdul rasip latiff15, executive director of the International Rubber Association (IRCO), said on the 15th that due to strong demand and tight supply, rubber prices are expected to rise further in the first half of 2010, surpassing the current 15 month high. The International Rubber Association is drafting a plan to prevent the price from falling below 2600 US dollars/ton

abdul rasip said that due to strong demand, the price outlook is bullish in the next six months. He also said that the International Rubber Association has no plan to cool the price through special market operation. He said that the organization was closely monitoring the demand and supply of rubber and believed that the current price was beneficial to farmers. The global economy is recovering from the economic crisis that began in September 2008, which has driven the demand of tire manufacturers for natural rubber to rebound, while the supply has been hit by bad weather

however, Feng Zhengyu, an analyst at Jingyi futures, said that the rubber inventory on the Shanghai futures exchange continued to grow significantly, which was not conducive to the continued sharp rise in rubber prices. At the same time, at present, both the daily intraday volatility and the weekly high and low volatility have increased significantly compared with the past. And repeated high fall and wide concussion are often important characteristics of the head formation stage

according to statistics, as of January 15, the number of registered warehouse receipts in Shanghai Futures Exchange reached 122500 tons, an increase of 125.85 million tons over last week, and the total inventory reached 150700 tons, an increase of 43.6 million tons over last week. From the change of inventory, it can be seen that when the futures price is more than 25000 yuan/ton, it has a strong attraction to sell and guarantee. From the perspective of daily rubber inventory, as of December 30, TOCOM rubber inventory was 6690 tons, still lower than the average inventory level of 7879 tons in the past six years

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