The amount of dry rubber in Xishuangbanna reclamat

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The dry rubber volume in Xishuangbanna reclamation area increased by 35.72% year-on-year in the first eight months

in 2009, the main rubber production in Xishuangbanna reclamation area was in good condition. By the end of August, the dry rubber volume was 55589 tons, completing 59.43% of the annual planned task, with a year-on-year increase of 35.72%

Xishuangbanna reclamation area is actively developed at all levels. Designers often focus on controlling the precision error of the experimental machine within the specified range, and strive for mass production improvement in terms of degree, function, reliability and other indicators. At present, the reclamation area is making every effort to grasp the second peak of rubber production to ensure the average daily dry rubber production. 2. Significance: the elastic modulus can be regarded as an indicator to measure the difficulty of elastic deformation of materials. 36 the key point of using metal tensile testing machine is 1 ton

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