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The amount of the Sixth Batch of foreign waste plummeted by 90%, and the price of domestic waste is likely to rise further

[China Packaging News] April 24 Low temperature tank power supply: 220v50hz3, a year-on-year decrease of 4.25%, 6.42% and 7.90% respectively. In 2019, the list of the Sixth Batch of waste paper import licenses was announced, and five paper mills were approved to import, with a total approved import volume of 224800 tons. Among them, Liansheng paper (Longhai) Co., Ltd. has the most approved quota, about 96300 tons; The second is Fujian Liansheng Paper Co., Ltd., with an approved import volume of about 82500 tons

compared with the fifth batch of waste paper import license list released on April 4, this batch of list has a significant decrease in the total amount of waste paper approved and the number of enterprises. Among them, the total amount of approved waste paper plummeted by 90%. The following is the specific list:

in the past week, the national waste market has tended to rise, and most paper mills began to stabilize. This is probably because the rigid demand for waste paper is obvious, and the approval announcement of imported waste at the beginning of this month did not meet the relative demand of the market, resulting in a slow upward trend in the purchase price

in the new week, paper mills in some regions began to raise the purchase price of national waste. According to the data of Gangkai technology, on April 24, more than 20 paper mills nationwide raised the purchase price of national waste by yuan/ton, including large paper mills such as Yangzhou yongfengyu Paper Co., Ltd. and Maanshan Shanying Paper Co., Ltd

(national waste price on April 24)

therefore, in the short term, the sharp decline in the approved import volume of the Sixth Batch of waste paper may further promote the rise of national waste price. In the long run, although there are few orders at ordinary times, it is highly probable that the import volume of waste paper will continue to decline in 2019, and small paper-making enterprises will face greater pressure

however, although the sharp decline in the approved import volume of the Sixth Batch of waste paper may raise the price of domestic waste, it remains to be seen whether it can promote the rise of paper prices. After all, the current market demand has not significantly improved, the pressure on paper mills to ship is still on, and the price rise trend of the whole high-speed linear reciprocating friction and wear testing machine (vibration friction and wear testing machine) has not yet formed. It is expected that the future market will be mainly stable, or there may be a slight rise

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