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Container aluminum quality is developing to a high level

with the continuous rise of China's export container comprehensive freight index, container transportation demand is booming. Experts predict that the world's annual container production capacity will exceed 4million TEUs by 2010. China's container manufacturing industry, which dominates the development of the world's industries, provides development opportunities for China's aluminum processing industry

in the context of the increasing containerization of the international logistics industry, China's container manufacturing industry, which leads the world's container development trend, has taken high-tech aluminum refrigerated containers and special containers as an important development direction in order to avoid the possible decline of the industry boom and other risks

in the traditional sense, containers are mainly made of aluminum, glass fiber reinforced plastics and steel. However, with the gradual improvement of aluminum performance, processing and welding technology, at the same time, customers' requirements for Japanese style fixtures and consideration of production costs and other factors, in many application fields of containers, the cost-effective advantages of using aluminum are increasingly recognized by the industry. The latest data show that the annual output of aluminum containers in China has exceeded 160000 TEU throughput

the aluminum application prospect of containers is promising, and the demand will be increasing. According to the current average annual growth rate of 15% - 20%, the output of domestic aluminum refrigerated containers and special containers alone will exceed 300000 TEU/year by 2010. At that time, the annual demand for aluminum profile is about 150000 tons and aluminum plate is about 60000 tons; At the same time, the requirements for aluminum will be more large-scale, highly strengthened and thin-walled, and the quality of aluminum will be higher and higher on February 16

Select a group of leading enterprises with strong representation, great industry influence, strong production and operation strength and high management level

at present, China has become a major producer and consumer of aluminum and aluminum processing products, but it is not a powerful country. The rapid rise and strength of China's container industry not only provides development opportunities and experience for China's aluminum processing industry, but also a challenge to the aluminum processing industry, China's aluminum processing industry should seize the opportunity to meet the challenges, play a more active role in the new round of global economic pattern with the deepening of international division of labor, strengthen the development of new technologies, and make every effort to fully meet the transportation of containers with broad market prospects. 4. Amplitude fluctuation: no more than 0.5% FS for each gear; The application demand of aluminum in the field continues to expand the international market space and develops towards a larger and stronger direction

source: China Nonferrous Metals News

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