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The analysis ability of oscilloscope can quickly test digital communication components

Agilent 86100A Infiniium DCA is a high-speed broadband oscilloscope with digital communication analysis ability. Simple operation enables you to complete complex measurement and execute the whole process in a few seconds. If you complete view analysis, you only need to click on the screen

integrated optical/electrical receiver ensures high accuracy waveform measurement. The optical receiver includes sonet/sdh G-bit Ethernet and fiber channel with standard rate. The electric receiver has a bandwidth of 20 or 50 GHz. Bandwidth, filtering and sensitivity can be easily configured

86100a has a flexible and scalable operating platform. It can be interchanged with the receiver module of 83480a and 54750a communication analyzer. Between the test procedures of these analyzers, only a small change in the setting of experimental parameters is needed to start the switch according to the working requirements

serial 3.6-gb/s bit error performance analyzer

a new high-speed bit error rate tester allows testing, describing and determining the operation of photoelectric high-speed and digital devices. Agilent 86130a bitalyzer is a 3.6gb/s general-purpose Bert with bit error analysis technology. It can quickly locate and analyze the causes of design problems and manufacturing shortcomings

bitalyzer provides simple setup and operation, and advanced problem-solving capabilities include burst error code analysis, pattern sensitivity analysis and error correction simulation

in order to obtain a complete image of network performance, bitalyzer is combined with Agilent 86100A Infiniium DCA

record the arbitration thickness of 4mm for type I and II samples, generate and analyze MPEG-2 signals through IEEE-1394

equipment that sends and receives MPEG-2 signals through IEEE-1394 connection can be tested

now it is possible to record, generate and analyze high-quality MPEG-2 video and audio signals transmitted through IEEE-1394 data connection. Just add Agilent to the mpegscope test system. Many of these alloys are sold as ABS in the market. E6293a

IEEE-1394 interface

the new interface handles the S400 rate and uses the iso/iec-61883 protocol to send and receive MPEG-2 streams. Support av/c command generation and monitoring, making e6293a a complete test solution. Applications include digital VCRs, set-top boxes, personal cameras

as a powerful and complex MPEG-2 testing system, Agilent mpegscope supports a wide range of digital TV standards, including DVB, ATSC and ISDB

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