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The aluminum project in Shuicheng economic and Technological Development Zone has been successfully promoted. The aluminum project in Shuicheng economic and Technological Development Zone has a total investment of 28million yuan and covers an area of 116 mu. The first phase of infrastructure construction is under the responsibility of Liangxing aluminum company. The construction has been started on August 1, 2017. At present, the site leveling project has been basically completed and the plant foundation construction is under way

in accordance with the investment promotion policy of Shuicheng Economic Development Zone, we actively participated in the work of extending the aluminum industry chain of the development zone. The platform high tech company of Shuicheng Economic Development Zone actively participated in the investment promotion and project construction services of aluminum processing. In 2017, the platform high tech company of the Development Zone successfully introduced two aluminum industries into the aluminum and aluminum processing Industrial Park of the development zone. At present, we are carrying out a number of good services for the two enterprises that have been successfully introduced

in order to introduce Nanchang jiadihao aluminum (19 degrees aluminum) project, Liangxing Aluminum Co., Ltd. participated in the development zone and held talks with Nanchang jiadihao Aluminum Co., Ltd. for many times. After successfully introducing the company into the Development Zone, Guizhou 19 degrees Aluminum Co., Ltd. was established in the development zone. The main development direction is to invest in the construction of aluminum profile processing projects. The project entered the construction site in September, 2017, and the plant construction project is currently under way. After the completion of the project, 30000 tons of aluminum alloy rods of Liangxing aluminum company can be directly digested

according to the statistics on January 26th, 2018, Liangxing Aluminum Co., Ltd., the aluminum deep processing industry in Shuicheng Economic Development Zone, entered the stage of substantive production. After it was put into operation in July last year, it produced 8320 tons of aluminum alloy rods in half a year by signing orders with upstream and downstream production methods, which not only achieved a production and sales rate of 100%, but also achieved the goal of sales revenue of 123 million yuan, allowing the aluminum industry chain in the development zone to achieve a better extension

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it is reported that since the aluminum industry in Shuicheng Economic Development Zone resumed production in 2016, extending the downstream industrial chain of the aluminum industry has been the key work of the development zone to speed up the transformation and upgrading of the aluminum industry. A wholly-owned subsidiary of Guizhou Shuicheng Liangxing aluminum Investment Co., Ltd. has been established under the high tech company, the platform company of the Development Zone, to undertake the task of extending the downstream industrial chain, Liangxing company has fully invested in the construction of an annual output of 60000 tons of aluminum alloy rods. In February 2017, the construction of aluminum smelting and casting equipment and its auxiliary maintenance facilities, dust removal facilities, water supply and drainage system, thermal system, power supply and distribution system, gas pipe system and other main production structures were started. With fast and efficient work efficiency, the company completed the whole production line in only five months, and successfully put into operation on July 4 of the same year. The employees of Liangxing aluminum company mainly use lithium manganate and lithium iron phosphate in the field of large-scale energy storage and power batteries with high efficiency and speed; Due to the improvement of the safety technology of lithium battery manufacturing and the requirements of lithium battery for energy density, the production and operation have achieved steady development with efficient and proactive work style

in the process of production and operation, in order to meet different market needs, the company has successfully diversified its products by adding different models of equipment within half a year, so that there is only one single model product in the early stage of production. With the continuous improvement of the company's production equipment and production technology, the company's products have formed a good reputation in the market and accumulated customer resources. At present, it has signed long-term order contracts with five companies. Only last year, 12 oxide inclusions were easy to form holes and cracks in the process of tensile deformation, especially high-temperature tensile deformation. The monthly customer fixed supply reached 4000 tons. At the same time, in order to expand sales channels and smoothly realize the integration of production and marketing, the company has set up a subsidiary to establish a professional team to be responsible for sales, and gradually realize sales specialization

in order to improve the comprehensive utilization rate of resources and promote the rational utilization of renewable resources, combined with the actual production process, Liangxing Aluminum Co., Ltd. established Guizhou mingyuanxing renewable resources utilization Co., Ltd. in May last year, and issued an announcement of sincere recruitment of aluminum alloy waste purchase agents through Shuicheng County People's government station in June of the same year. After screening, agents will be selected to recycle and reuse the waste aluminum in Liupanshui and surrounding areas, In 2017, a total of 800 tons of waste aluminum were recovered, and more than 1.6 million yuan of value-added tax was paid for the country while realizing the development of circular economy

the plan of Shuicheng Economic Development Zone to be green in 2018 is one of the requirements. 1. The whole industrial park has begun to take shape, with a design capacity of 20billion yuan; In 2019, the output value will reach 9 billion yuan. The three-year plan of the park is to attract enterprises around aluminum enterprises, pay high attention to the high-tech processing industry of aluminum, and further extend the aluminum industry, namely, the production of medium and high voltage cathode capacitor aluminum foil, aluminum foil and aluminum alloy foil, composite aluminum foil for radiators, aluminum alloy profiled tubes and multi hole profiled shapes, special large aluminum alloy profiles, aluminum alloy pre stretched thick plates and skin aluminum alloy plates, aluminum alloy precision die forgings High strength aluminum alloy materials, PS aluminum alloy plates, beverage cans aluminum plates, magnesium alloy castings, new aluminum base bearing materials, silicon aluminum wires, metal bellows expansion joints (aluminum) and other high-tech materials. One listed enterprise and five new large-scale enterprises have been realized, with a scale output value of more than 10billion yuan and an import and export value of 200million US dollars

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