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Five levels of control of high-quality packaging design (Part 2)

cost control

business owners always hope to produce the most advanced products at the lowest cost. Therefore, if the designer can control the production cost for the owner in terms of user experience for the enterprise when planning the case, it will undoubtedly add points to this package

cost of packaging materials: the presentation of exquisite sense of goods does not necessarily rely on high-grade and high-cost packaging materials. Designers can use the clever combination of vision and structure to choose other alternative packaging materials, which can also provide high-grade texture for products

production cost: when planning a case, the designer must also take into account the labor costs of production (such as the number of printing colors), manual production, accessories and operations on the production line

access cost: in the process of packing, if commodities, packaging and accessories can be divided into parts to avoid fragmentation, the access cost can also be reduced

shelf cost: the shelf cost of goods is not low. If the packaging design can consider the size and height of the layout, and give full play to the maximum benefits in the limited space, this packaging design will be considered successful

channel management

the technical specification jgj/t 136 ⑵ 001 for testing the compressive strength of masonry mortar by penetration method stipulates that according to the needs of different channels, various packages must be produced to suit each channel. For example, in order to enter the 7-Eleven channel, Lipton Ming leisure specially designed and produced a 20 entry package, which can only be bought in 7-Eleven. The following will describe various common channels:

convenience stores: various commodities, small single product line-up, and high shelves

supermarkets, mass merchandising stores, hypermarkets: there are many brands on the shelves. How to catch the attention of consumers at a short distance is actually the first element

franchised stores and department stores: goods with the same attribute in such channels are gathered in one area, so the product items must be clear, so that they can be separated from goods with the same attribute

mail order (currently online) and direct selling: considering the cost, the packaging design of the goods in this channel is generally more functional than visual

in the 21st century, which is diverse, fast, changeable and even unknown, the evolution and pulsation of marketing strategies and consumer markets are changing with each passing day, and the function of packaging is no longer just "packaging" and "packaging". Business owners have redefined packaging, while also giving packaging more and value requirements. In contrast, the work of designers is no longer limited to aesthetic cultivation or the pursuit of innovative performance. There are many aspects that a mature packaging designer should think about and care about

develop new packaging materials and structures

continuously develop new packaging materials, technologies and structures. The latter is a company located in Copenhagen, Denmark, which is a benefit to designers, because the space of design has been broader, and the works will be more exquisite and humanized. From early paper materials to metal packaging, from rigid cube structure to various shapes, these are the results of the efforts of packaging designers and packaging technicians. Continuous innovation will make the performance of design work more perfect

easy to use packaging

can be discussed according to "easy to use" and "easy to handle after use" respectively

for "easy to use": aluminum foil wrapped drinks are equipped with straw, which makes it convenient for consumers to drink; Shampoo pump bottle, pressing once is the amount of use, which will not waste the product; Liyingfang NAC NAC shampoo is specially designed with a single hand packaging structure to facilitate the mother to wash the baby's hair. These packaging structures are designed for convenient use

from the perspective of "convenient handling after use": due to the rising awareness of environmental protection, the handling of commodity packaging after use should also be considered in advance by designers. Carefully observe the mineral water packaging on the market. Some Baote bottles are designed with lines to make it easy for users to flatten and discard after drinking; Aluminum foil wrapped drinks can also be spread out and discarded after drinking to reduce the amount of garbage

in order to reduce the environmental protection problems caused by packaging, in addition to the selection of packaging materials, it is also a good way to add value to packaging. The NAC NAC gift box group of liyingfang adopts the concept of storage box to plan, so as to give full play to the product material and residual value after use; Lipton flower and fruit tea gift box group can also be used as pearl box, stationery box or storage box, which greatly improves the added value of the gift box

composite packaging

when choosing packaging materials, designers can combine different packaging materials in the spirit of innovation, and use their materials and characteristics to present the texture of packaging works, presenting a rich look for commodities

in the process of creation, adhering to the spirit of adventure sometimes brings unexpected effects. In the process of adventure, we can get unprecedented experience and grow in repeated mistakes and experience, which is actually the greatest gain for designers

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