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The long-term eradication of the "oil shortage" depends on reform

in order to avoid the tight domestic diesel supply endangering agricultural oil, the national development and Reform Commission interviewed two major oil enterprises on October 29, and asked the two enterprises to increase resource investment in sensitive areas and areas with weak inventories, and effectively ensure the key oil demand for agricultural "three autumn" production. (Beijing News, November 3)

there is indeed a certain effect under the intervention. This is not true. On November 2, especially people's acceptance and re monopoly, it is clear that the two major oil companies have disclosed in the top position of the government that they have taken a number of measures to ensure supply. However, a detailed analysis of the so-called "new measures" of the two major petroleum and petrochemical groups is actually commonplace. From the beginning of the diesel shortage at the end of September, the two major oil companies have basically been saying: there is no restriction on supply, and refineries operate at full capacity. The actual situation is that private gas stations have no diesel to add, which not only causes operating difficulties for private gas stations, but also seriously delays the agricultural production and transportation, power coal transportation and other production and transportation in the busy season of the "three autumn". In particular, the "three autumn" production season is very seasonal, and many crops wait for no one in the season. Once the temperature drops gradually, the transportation problem is not solved, which may cause many crops to be bad in the ground, and delay autumn sowing and autumn planting at the same time. Just the day before yesterday, the author saw a diesel free brand at a gas station in Central China, and many truck drivers had no choice but to leave

in fact, the diesel shortage is no longer the first time that the friction between oil pumps and moving components has increased. In recent years, there has been an oil shortage almost every year. As soon as the oil price fell this year, the oil shortage appeared, which attracted more social attention. The annual oil shortage has caused great harm to industrial and agricultural production, especially this year. At present, affected by the situation at home and abroad, China's economy is at an important node. Whether state-owned enterprises or private enterprises, consciously or unintentionally, sit idly by the oil shortage or do not actively respond to the oil shortage at this moment, which is not only a lack of social performance, but also a behavior that only cares about individual interests and ignores the overall situation of the national economy. Of course, as enterprises, it is understandable for the two giants to consider their own interests and benefits, which is also the minimum responsibility of operators. However, it should be recognized that the two giants are not ordinary enterprises. The state has given them the leading position in oil exploitation, import, refining, wholesale and retail. The purpose is to ensure the safety of oil supply. The fatigue testing machine is used to test the order of materials when they receive repeated or alternating stress. When there are contradictions between the internal interests of enterprises and the overall macroeconomic situation, the interests of consumers, especially in the busy season of agricultural production, we should consciously take the latter into account. This is determined by the nature of state-owned enterprises, which is the requirement of the state

although the interview can alleviate the oil shortage, it may only be a temporary expedient for a year. To eradicate the "oil shortage", we must come up with more powerful methods and measures than negotiations. In the long run, we have to rely on reform and introduce a competitive mechanism. For example, the two major oil groups gradually cede market share from the retail field of refined oil products, and the retail link is completely market-oriented. At the same time, gradually liberalize oil import, refining and other links. This is the fundamental solution to the oil shortage

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