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The reform of equipment management and maintenance engineering in automobile enterprises

for automobile manufacturing enterprises, enterprise production equipment is the core of enterprise organization and production mode, and it is also the main body of enterprise asset management. The so-called automobile enterprise equipment management and maintenance engineering is the management that the enterprise uses a variety of advanced management methods to meet the different requirements of customers, reduce production costs and improve production efficiency, that is, to maximize the production efficiency of the enterprise with the least capital investment. Therefore, Chinese automobile enterprises must implement the reform design of equipment management and maintenance engineering at the same time when they are updating the product structure and adjusting the product production organization, so as to have independent management ability of equipment

reform design of equipment management and maintenance engineering

the reform design of equipment management and maintenance engineering should be considered in the introduction and configuration of equipment:

economy and maintainability of equipment. The so-called economy of equipment means that the price of imported equipment is cheap, but its processing function must meet the product quality requirements. The so-called maintainability of the equipment refers to that after a period of use, the processing function of the equipment can be restored to meet the product quality requirements through maintenance

in line with the actual use capacity of automobile enterprises, including equipment matching, spare parts replacement, maintenance, process conditions and other factors. Modular machine tools produced by the same factory should be selected as far as possible, and there is no fresh aluminum oxide as flexible production equipment such as insulation materials and CNC machine tools. For the equipment introduction and configuration of key parts production lines, priority should be given to the production equipment produced by the same factory with the functions of automatic detection, automatic display, automatic control and automatic compensation. In this way, the enterprise can maintain the mechanical capacity of single equipment when the production batch is small; It can also ensure the combination of equipment configuration for mass production and different batch production; It can also realize the replacement and maintenance of spare parts of equipment with limited capital reserves

the reform of equipment management and maintenance engineering system, that is, how to improve equipment utilization and reduce equipment downtime

TPM management should be considered in the reform and design of equipment management and maintenance engineering

at present, TPM management has been recognized as a successful equipment maintenance management mode by the international business community, and many foreign automobile enterprises call it comprehensive equipment asset management. TPM management of equipment has roughly experienced four development stages: the basic content of the first stage is to pay attention to the solution of six major losses of equipment and the improvement of comprehensive efficiency of equipment; The basic content of the second stage is how to solve the introduction of TPM management and eliminate the eight losses in the process of equipment use; The basic content of the third stage is how to carry out TPM management of equipment for all staff; The basic content of the fourth stage is to carry out eight supports for TPM management of all staff equipment. Automobile enterprises should comply with the trend of international equipment management, and consider gradually introducing TPM management when carrying out the reform design of equipment management and maintenance engineering:

design the life cycle management of the whole system equipment. TPM management cannot ignore the design of equipment preventive maintenance status and the monitoring of equipment preventive maintenance status, as well as the planned maintenance management of equipment; TPM management can not ignore the early management of equipment and the management of equipment assets accounts, as well as the research on equipment maintenance failure modes

have reasonable equipment maintenance personnel. In order to carry out effective equipment management and maintenance engineering for production equipment, automobile enterprises must have staff with multiple professional backgrounds in equipment maintenance technology; At the same time, enterprises should also strengthen the training of all employees according to the characteristics of enterprise equipment, so as to enable employees to participate in enterprise equipment management and maintenance projects

according to the equipment configuration of the enterprise, appropriate detection equipment required for equipment fault diagnosis should be equipped

equipment life cycle cost management should be considered in the reform design of equipment management and maintenance engineering

first, the full life cycle cost of enterprise production equipment should be calculated. The life cycle cost of production equipment generally includes equipment configuration, equipment maintenance, equipment scrap and other costs. Among them, the equipment configuration cost, for self-made equipment, should include equipment planning, equipment design, equipment manufacturing, equipment acceptance, equipment installation, equipment commissioning and other costs; The purchased equipment shall include all costs of equipment research, equipment bidding, equipment purchase, equipment transportation, equipment installation, equipment commissioning, etc. Equipment maintenance costs shall include equipment use, equipment maintenance, energy consumption and equipment maintenance costs

secondly, the whole life cycle profit of the equipment should be controlled. The equipment life cycle profit is the added value of the enterprise's production equipment through product production and processing minus the equipment life cycle cost

finally, the cycle benefit management of the whole life of the equipment should be implemented

in short, in the early decision-making and daily operation management of equipment, we should not only consider the minimization of equipment life cycle cost, but also pursue the maximization of equipment life cycle profit. Only when the new concept of equipment management and maintenance engineering reform is incorporated into the early management of equipment, the efficiency of management and utilization will be greatly improved, and at the same time, it will penetrate into the whole service life cycle of equipment, can the management of the life cycle cost of production equipment be realized

reform practice of equipment management and maintenance engineering

in order to adapt to the major change of enterprise production mode, automobile enterprises should pay attention to the following aspects in the reform practice after the reform design of equipment management and maintenance engineering:

organize effective production equipment acceptance

the acceptance of equipment should pay attention to three links:

the organization of equipment acceptance (this paper focuses on the acceptance organization of fine, large and thin equipment). First of all, when purchasing equipment, automobile enterprises must formulate a clear equipment acceptance agreement with the equipment supplier. The agreement shall specify the equipment price, equipment specifications, equipment parameters, equipment processing accuracy, the scope of application of equipment processing, the configuration of spare parts of equipment, and the key points of acceptance at each stage of equipment delivery. Secondly, after equipment selection, automobile enterprises should send engineering and technical personnel with strong selection and excellent technology and business to the equipment manufacturer for technical review of the equipment. Through the technical review of the equipment, the equipment manufacturer can not only further improve the equipment performance and structure, but also meet the requirements of users; Moreover, it can enable the equipment user to further master the equipment use and maintenance requirements and prolong the service life of the equipment. Finally, when the equipment manufacturer conducts equipment commissioning, the user should send experienced operators and engineering and technical personnel of machinery, electricity and instruments to the factory to participate in equipment commissioning according to the requirements of the agreement, so as to prepare for equipment acceptance in the future

performance measurement of equipment. First of all, the acceptance operation specifications of equipment characteristics, process characteristics and product quality characteristics should be clarified. Secondly, the inspection instruments for acceptance should be determined. Finally, the quantitative measurement should be carried out according to the equipment characteristics, process characteristics and product quality characteristics determined in the equipment acceptance specification. It must be noted that these measurement data should meet the specified requirements of the product, especially the equipment and machine capacity of key processes should be greater than 1.67

reception of production equipment data. Generally, the data cost of production equipment has been included in the cost of equipment at the time of equipment purchase. Automobile enterprises should negotiate and determine the handover list of equipment data when formulating the technical agreement of equipment, and get the confirmation of both parties; When receiving the equipment, it is necessary to organize the acceptance of the equipment data according to the requirements of the equipment technical agreement; Translate the operation requirements of the imported equipment materials related to the preparation of solid lime sand bricks formed by blank preparation, pressing molding and autoclave curing, which affect the equipment characteristics, process characteristics and product quality characteristics, copy the floppy disk of the equipment computer system, and confirm these materials and floppy disks when the equipment is accepted. The automobile enterprise shall also organize relevant personnel to sort out and manage the transferred equipment data according to the requirements of the equipment management account

reasonable production equipment layout

the equipment layout of automobile enterprises should follow the following principles:

equipment layout according to the process route and production process. Various production equipment shall be arranged and combined in "U" shape according to the process route and process requirements. Every 3 or 4 equipment and material conveying devices form a production unit to form a flow production mode. Equipment maintenance site requirements should also be considered as far as possible

the effective area of the workshop should be brought into full play. Foreign automobile enterprises clearly stipulate that each production site must produce benefits, including specifying the distance between machine tools, equipment and channels, the working activity area of workers, the placement position of tool boxes, workbenches, station instruments and materials, and special consideration should be given to production equipment with special work requirements

attention should be paid to the layout of auxiliary equipment. Full consideration should be given to the supporting equipment of the energy systems such as water supply, power supply and gas supply of production equipment, as well as the layout of the treatment system equipment of waste gas, waste liquid and chip debris generated during the operation of production equipment. The planning of workshop goods transportation mode is the focus of enterprise layout

innovate the daily management of equipment

with the implementation of various new production methods in automobile enterprises, enterprises should innovate the daily management of equipment, focusing on the following work:

employee equipment knowledge training. Key points of training: field training on "three good" (managing, using and repairing) and "four skills" (operating, inspecting, maintaining and troubleshooting) should be carried out for the equipment operated by employees themselves

daily maintenance of equipment. Including: formulating equipment daily maintenance regulations (this regulation should specify the parts and requirements of equipment daily maintenance with diagrams for the characteristics of each equipment); Formulate equipment spot inspection regulations (it is stipulated that the spot inspection requirements of equipment characteristics and process characteristics should be specified for the control of product quality characteristics, and the quantitative and qualitative requirements should be adopted for equipment spot inspection items as far as possible); Check the equipment failure and shutdown rate every month

preventive management of equipment. Its main work includes: establishing a workshop equipment inspection system; Dynamic monitoring of fine, large and thin equipment; Establish equipment failure maintenance account

outsourcing maintenance management of equipment. The socialization of outsourced maintenance of enterprise equipment is an innovation of foreign equipment management, which can significantly reduce the cost of equipment use and maintenance. To make this work effectively, we should first formulate equipment outsourcing maintenance standards; Secondly, the on-site construction management should be strengthened, including requiring the maintenance unit to prepare the construction project plans such as the technical status before equipment maintenance, the content of maintenance items, and the maintenance standards according to the enterprise's equipment maintenance plan items before the equipment outsourcing maintenance construction. During the equipment outsourcing maintenance construction, the enterprise's equipment technicians should carry out on-site supervision on the maintenance quality of the main equipment, After the construction of equipment outsourcing maintenance, insist on the acceptance of equipment performance and equipment machine capacity, and then confirm and sign the equipment maintenance items and complete the equipment maintenance archives; Improve the settlement method of maintenance costs. The enterprise should break down the maintenance costs paid to the outsourcing maintenance unit and link them with the indicators such as equipment operation failure in the production workshop for assessment. The main assessment indicators include: monthly equipment failure rate, monthly equipment consumption cost, equipment repair cost, etc

establish a new type of equipment plan management

the new management content includes:

actively carry out the fine adjustment and fine measurement of equipment. The fine adjustment and fine measurement plan of equipment should be based on the quality characteristics of important products

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