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Thoughts after the implementation of MRPII in Changsha Cigarette Factory

Changsha cigarette factory is a rising star in China's tobacco industry. From the 1980s, she also mentioned the rapid construction of pre-designed and prefabricated FRP Bridge Deck loss making enterprises, which has become the first profit and tax household in Hunan Province, with annual sales of tens of billions and profits and taxes of billions. The factory began to implement the modern enterprise management system earlier, and began to apply computers to enterprise management in 1986. By the 1990s, the MIS system designed and developed by itself had been fully implemented, and computer information processing had been realized in finance, sales, inventory, equipment, production scheduling, etc. the computer network (Ethernet, running Novell operating system) was laid down in the main functional departments of the whole factory, with more than 30 computers. In the early 1990s, enterprises began to implement MRPII because the current MIS system mainly completed information processing and did not reflect the management benefits well

in view of the experience and lessons of the previous MIS system, the starting point of this MRPII implementation is very high. It is decided to introduce mature MRPII software from abroad, and introduce foreign advanced management mode through the implementation of MRPII, so as to improve economic benefits, such as reducing inventory, improving capital utilization and controlling business risks; Control the production cost and shorten the production cycle; Improve product quality and qualification rate; Reduce the amount of financial bad debts and bad debts; Change the current working mode, improve the quality of managers, improve the productivity of enterprises, speed up the market response speed, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, and truly give full play to the management benefits of computer systems. In view of the low success rate of the implementation of MRPII in China, we mainly take the following measures to ensure the smooth implementation according to the "energy saving and new energy vehicle technology roadmap" issued by the state during the implementation process:

1. Leaders take the lead

MRPII has always been known as the "top project", and the support of senior leaders of enterprises is essential. Enterprise leaders must understand MRPII, lead and participate in the whole implementation process of the project, and provide comprehensive support in human, financial and material aspects. The leaders of the enterprise attach great importance to it. The factory director takes the lead, and the deputy factory director directly leads and personally directs the team to go abroad for investigation; The middle-level leaders of major departments went abroad for MRPII principle training. Give great support in terms of property, basically how much you need and how much you invest

2. Full mobilization

the implementation of the entire MRPII system involves all links of enterprise production and management. Only when all employees understand the meaning of MRPII can they ensure the implementation of every detail of the MRPII system. To this end, the factory director personally took the lead and invited foreign experts to mobilize the whole factory at the staff meeting. The business personnel participating in the implementation were trained by foreign experts on the centralized system application of the project team, and the computer technicians implementing MRPII went abroad to learn the implementation and maintenance of MRPII

3. Careful selection

there are many MRPII software abroad. The adaptability of MRPII software functions to the management of the enterprise itself is the key to the success of the system implementation. For this reason, we have sent people to investigate domestic enterprises that have implemented MRPII for many times, and invited experts and professors from colleges and universities to make a feasibility analysis. After repeated demonstration, we chose bpcs2.0 of SSA company. Because the software uses as/400 minicomputer of IBM company as the development platform, we also introduced two as/400 minicomputers of IBM company

4. In addition to the conventional creep endurance experiment, MRPII of Changsha Cigarette Factory lasted six years from demonstration, type selection, training to implementation and secondary development, with a direct investment of more than 10 million. The actual use effect is far from the initial assumption, and the management benefit is impossible. Finally, there is no escape from the strange circle of using MRPII system to imitate the current inappropriate management mode. Reviewing the implementation process of MRPII in Changsha cigarette factory, I think the following are the main reasons for the failure, which is worth pondering

1. The system implementation must have the reform of the corresponding management mechanism

mrpii is a scientific system that eliminates the redundant part of production with a large amount of information processing. Its framework is very clear, and it is committed to eliminating all redundant logistics and capital flows to carry out production in the most effective way. Duplication, ambiguity, excessive internal friction and waste of resources are common problems in enterprise management. Because we did not adjust the enterprise structure according to the needs of MRPII in the implementation process, the redundancy of institutions and the unclear responsibilities and rights make the data collection of MRPII inaccurate, and the process analysis has no accuracy of low elongation method, while the data collection and process analysis are the basis of mrpii/erp implementation. This is the main reason why the implementation of MRPII did not produce benefits

2. The system implementation must have compound talents who understand specific business, MRPII and computer

Science and technology are people-oriented, and the implementation of mrpii/erp is also a "people-oriented" project. During the implementation of MRPII in Changsha cigarette factory, due to the lack of talents who understand not only specific business, but also MRPII and computer, the talents are two sets of business personnel and computer personnel, which are led by different departments respectively. During the implementation process, it is inevitable that there will be no lack of communication with each other, pushing each other, and unable to integrate MRPII ideas. Over time, it will inevitably form resistance to the implementation of MRPII and lose its original intention, Use MRPII system to imitate the current inappropriate management mode

3. The system selection must fully consider the actual situation of the enterprise itself. The adaptability of management

at the beginning of the system demonstration, there are two views within the enterprise. One view is that we should fully consider the information resources and network resources of the enterprise MIS system, fully understand the adaptability of foreign software functions and the management of the enterprise itself, make rational use of resources, and properly carry out secondary development; Another view is that the purpose of implementing MRPII is to introduce foreign advanced management methods, which are compatible with the past system, and it is inevitable not to introduce the backward management mode into MRPII. Finally, the latter view is adopted. However, it was found in the implementation that things are far from so simple. First of all, IBM's as/400 minicomputer is a terminal mode, which is relatively simple for enterprises and companies with concentrated production. However, Changsha cigarette factory has a large factory area, so it is difficult to connect the terminal to each MRPII implementation post, so we have to use the past Ethernet. Due to the poor network support of as/400 minicomputer, the stability of the system is affected. Secondly, due to the differences in accounting systems at home and abroad, the financial module is difficult to play a role, and the adaptability of other module functions to the management of the enterprise itself is not satisfactory, so secondary development must be carried out. However, there is no good programming language on the as/400 minicomputer, which makes the secondary development a long way, and seriously hinders the smooth implementation of MRPII. Thirdly, during the implementation of MRPII, the transformation of basic data accumulated in the enterprise MIS system for more than ten years was not considered. Everything was reversed, which brought huge duplication of work to business personnel and caused a great waste of resources. These are the direct reasons for the long implementation time, poor effect and large waste of MRPII in Changsha cigarette factory

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